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Mike Liddel-Taylor
Photo: Marianne Desnaux 2001
  • Is a professional hermit except on rare occasions when he feels inclined to attend posh parties, private views, book signings and restaurant openings, invited or not!
  • Lusts after young birds or at least their mothers? Good looking well presented grannies also welcome!
  • Cooks superb meals whenever the opportunity arises for Notting Hill's finest waifs and strays! (Females mostly but not exclusively).
  • Is a world acclaimed authority on Psittaculture (look it up!)
  • Occasionally acts as creative director, marketing manager, fixer and publicist for fashion models, photographers, artists and similar fascinating persons.
  • Is a collector of and deals in Taxidermy, bird prints and related curios.
  • Is writing his autobiography entitled, 'My Daughter's Elephant + Jack' (Look out - you might be in it!)
  • And gets Sundays off for good behaviour (but not always!)

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Mike Liddel-Taylor
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